The smack of the beat

Watch it rush though the mainline

Electric stardust


In-between the moon and stars

I will meet you there

Intimate moments

Until time runs out


The drumbeat of death

Pounding relentlessly


Tempest of the north

Where have you gone

Opioid to the heartbroken


Scoundrels in glass towers

Playing rhapsody of greed

Orchestrate the misery of many


I never did want to dance

She served many thirsty men

Answering to all

Always strong

The girl with horn rimed glasses

A kiss on the thighs


She said your not my kind

Don’t take it personally

The executioners smile

Is always elusive

The jester weeps


Even the piranha smiles

A fight for the house that’s white

The devoured never lie


Flirtatious conversation

Leading to spontaneous


Always ending in psychic



The talking box screams with declaration

Woven into the sublime it’s well planned

Even the fool reads the walls in public toilets


Some end up dyeing behind the walls

They put up around them

Sometimes the walls

Become our prisons


Life is a series of brief

Encounters that fade

Into the expanding nothing


High line advertising

Real estate construction

Expensive cameras

Tourists billboards


Fancy dress on the bed

High heels on floor

Girl seated on the bed

Vogue magazine on floor