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My For Sale By Owner System:

         Now you can sell your property fast without an Exclusive Right To Sell Agreement, and get powerful high-tech FREE marketing! In fact, I WANT YOU TO CONTINUE TO SELL YOUR PROPERTY ON YOUR OWN

 This sounds nuts right? Well its true! I have a unique proposal just for the FSBO (for sale by owner). Please read on………

            When an existing Manhattan or Westchester FSBO lists with me toy can continue trying to sell your home on your own, while we market your property to tens of thousands of people. It is simple, I do not require you to sign an exclusive right to sell agreement. So you continue selling  while at the same time I market your home to a massive database. If I bring you an offer, YOU decide if you want to take it or not. There is never an obligation and should you find a buyer on your own then you sell to that buyer and pay us nothing. In fact I will even help you finalize your sale FREE of charge.


 According to a recent study (, homeowners selling on their own, will usually get 20% less then if they used a Realtor! Think about it!  With me, you get the best of both worlds, because you and I BOTH will market your home together, if you sell it on your own you owe me NOTHING! How can you beat that? 


It would cost you tens of thousands of dollars to run an advertising campaign similar to mine, but the good news is you don’t have to. I am offering you all this exposure for FREE so you have noting to loose. You only pay me a commission if I sell your home. This offer is only for current FSBO (for sale by owner).

Why do I do this? Simple. I am extreamly confident that I can sell your property FASTER and for MORE MONEY that you can!

*You have nothing to loose and  everything to gain*