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APRIL 20 2007 WESTCHESTER NY - An innovation in digital radio technology is simplifying the oftentimes-arduous process of home shopping. Rather than jotting down numbers of agents listed on a "home for sale" sign, area shoppers who drive by a home with a "Talking House" sign can simply tune in their radio to a designated AM frequency for a detailed report on the home – all without leaving their car.

Local Real Estate agent JOHN KOBECK has recently debuted several Talking Houses in the WESTCHESTER area. Homes with a Talking House sign have a radio transmitter about the size of a small VCR inside the home. The Transmitter, which recently underwent its most significant redesign, can broadcast a personalized message five minutes in length to a distance of up to 300 feet from the home. Utilizing cutting-edge digital technology, the dramatically improved Transmitter receives a 95 percent satisfaction rating from realtors who have used the units for at least three months.

"The Talking House Transmitter is a powerful and effective real estate tool because it simplifies the process for all parties involved -- the agent, the seller, and the buyer," said JOHN KOBECK. "For listing agents and their sellers, a house that talks is much more memorable and stands out amid the clutter of homes on the market. The radio report qualifies buyers by providing them with enough information about the house for them to decide if they’d like to tour the home. The result is that an agent enjoys an increase in the number of calls from qualified buyers. In addition, hearing a description of the home’s best hidden interior feature may change the mind of a shopper who didn’t find the exterior particularly appealing."

House hunters appreciate the added convenience of knowing immediately if a house will meet their specifications. They can learn everything they need to know from the comfort of their car, without having to search for a flyer that’s usually run out or only contains a sketchy description at best.

The Talking House Transmitter is an affordable marketing tool that often costs less than a classified advertisement and is reusable for future listings. The FCC-approved Transmitter, which simply plugs into a standard wall outlet, can broadcast round-the-clock to any car that tunes in. Because the Transmitter uses a computer chip, the message heard over the radio is crisp and static-free. No special license is required and it will not interfere with television or any other radio reception. The Transmitters use any frequency between 560 and 1700 on the AM dial, and thus, two homes side-by-side could use a Transmitter without interfering with each other’s broadcast.

The Talking House brand is presented by Broadcast Marketing LLC, which is based in Des Plaines, Illinois. For more information, please call 1-800-444-8255 or visit

For information on the location of Talking Houses in the area, please contact

JOHN KOBECK 914-479-8084

. The media are cordially invited to interview participants or to film/photograph a Talking House.


Recent Press Release  

Contact: John Kobeck






According to recent research by the National Association of REALTORS®, 83% percent of home buyers say photos and detailed property descriptions are the most useful features when searching for homes online.JOHN KOBECK of RE/MAX PRIME PROPERTIES is taking advantage of this trend for his clients with his recent commitment to enhance all properties he markets with multiple photos and customized property descriptions on the #1 real estate site1,®. With changing real estate market conditions, John Kobeck is giving consumers what they want most online and providing another reason why home sellers and buyers must insist on using him for the powerful marketing he provides..

Listings on® with six photos are viewed 299% more often, on average3 and rise to the top when searched by number of photos. And because John Kobeck enhances all of Hisclients’ properties on® with multiple photos and detailed property descriptions, these properties also receive this high-impact placement on other popular Web portals such as AOL® and MSN®, helping reach the largest audience of home buyers for his clients.

John Kobeck understands that it is vital to reach the over 6.6 million consumers each month who, on average, spend 82% of the time they search for a home online on®1. With 77% of all home buyers using the Internet at some point in their search for homes1, John Kobeck is working to make sure his clients’ homes are promoted where more consumers are searching online.

Visit or call 914-920-1072 or email see what he is doing to help homeowners in your community sell their homes for more.

Talking House

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Talking House?

A: Talking House is a new, easy-to-operate, low-power AM radio transmitter that a realtor or homebuilder can use to broadcast pre-recorded advertising messages to cars as they stop outside a home for sale. They simply record a message using a handheld microphone, and put the transmitter inside a home - they can hide it in a closet or even the attic - and plug it in. They can set-up the whole system in less than 10 minutes. A yard sign instructs home shoppers to tune in a specific radio frequency as they stop in front of a home. They hear all about the unique features of that specific home - without leaving the comfort of their car!




Q: How big is the transmitter?

A: Talking House is about the size of a small VCR. The transmitter weighs only 4 pounds and operates on standard 120-volt AC power.




Q: What do the messages typically say?

A: Talking House can be used to answer many of the routine - and some of the not-so-routine - questions that a home buyer has about a home, such as:

How many bedrooms and bathrooms?

What's the square footage?

Are there hardwood floors?

Is there a fireplace?

How big is the master bath?

How big is the lot, especially the back yard?

What's the price?

Plus, a realtor or builder can even use Talking House to promote their other services like mortgage service, home inspection, etc. Because the voice recording is done on a digital chip, they can change their messages as often as they like. The message can be up to five minutes in length. Because it's digital, there is never any denigration in its quality. The message will just repeat in a loop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thus, Talking House is on the job promoting the realtor or builder non-stop 365 days a year.




Q: Where does the Transmitter go?

A: The transmitter can be placed almost anywhere inside a home. It is safe, silent, and non intrusive. Installation takes only about 10 minutes. Moreover, Talking House will not interfere with other radio stations, or with any other electronic equipment in the home, or in near-by neighborhoods.




Q: What kind of antenna is used?

A: The basic antenna is an 8-foot long rubberized wire. With a signal range averaging more than 300 feet, Talking House can deliver a crisp, clear radio signal to drivers listening parked on the street in front of a home. Signal range will vary with installation style and environmental factors such as line-of-sight, and other interference.




Q: Is Talking House easy to use?

A: Yes. The message is loaded onto a five-minute digital chip simply by speaking into a handheld microphone. Or, a professionally produced message can be downloaded using a cassette or CD player. The message can be any length, up to five minutes without any dead air time, and can be changed as often as they'd like. Because it's digital, there is never any denigration in its quality.




Q: Do realtors or builders need a separate license?

A: No. The FCC, under Part 15 of its radio regulations, authorizes Talking House. (FCC Identification # DLB5LTT98) Its users do not require a separate license. It broadcasts on any frequency on the entire AM band (560 to 1700 AM). Changing the broadcast frequency is as easy as changing a car radio. Radio Technologies LLC, the distributor of Talking House, has applied for a patent for the unique one button tuner. Because there are no commercial radio stations operating in the United States above 1600, it is always easy for a realtor or builder to find an open frequency.




Q: Is there any kind of security against unwanted broadcasts?

A: Yes, for peace of mind, Talking House has a special key-lock feature that prevents unauthorized frequency or message changes. The realtor or builder doesn't have to be nervous that someone will be able to broadcast an unwanted message.




Q: Why is it AM?

A: Three big reasons. First, almost every car has an AM radio. Thus, almost every car can hear the messages. Second, FCC regulations are much more restrictive on similar FM devices. On FM, the FCC only permits a similar device to broadcast about 60 feet. This is an inadequate distance for most applications. Finally, the device needs to broadcast on an open frequency to function properly. In most cities in the U. S., there are many open AM frequencies, but few, if any open FM frequencies.




Q: How many Talking House Transmitters have been sold?

A: Since Talking House was first introduced in 1985, more than 100,000 have been sold to realtors and homebuilders.



Q: What is the history of the technology?

The Talking House technology was conceived by long-time realtor, Rick Matthew, and developed by his son, Scott Matthew. Together, they formed a company called Realty Electronics, Inc., and introduced this technology to the real estate market in 1985. Realty Electronics focused exclusively on marketing to the real estate industry. Through the years, the company continuously worked on improving the technology. In 1999, the device underwent a complete overhaul that dramatically improved its capabilities and performance. The improved, "black box" unit receives a 95% satisfaction rating among realtors who have used the units for at least three months. Importantly, a companion exterior antenna was developed for the new unit which significantly increases its usefulness to many other businesses and locations.

Broadcast Marketing LLC (formerly Radio Technologies LLC) purchased the technology from Realty Electronics in October 2000, and has aggressive plans to expand it to a variety of other businesses and locations.




Q: Who are the main competitors?

Currently, there are no competitors which mass produce a similar AM device. FCC regulations also allow for an FM band device. The regulations are much more restrictive for FM, however, and allow for a device that can only transmit up to 60 feet. Plus, FM band is such a crowded band; it is very difficult to find an open frequency. Thus, there are currently no competitors that mass produce an FM device. There are companies that produce AM devices on a custom order basis that are "factory-set" to a single, specific AM frequency. Typically, these are used by parks and in highway traffic announcement systems.




Q: What is the cost of the AM transmitter?

The units are priced to the various users/locations at a very attractive cost of between $290 and $650 depending on quantity purchased. This cost is comparable to that of a small newspaper advertisement that runs just once in a local newspaper. A Talking House transmitter, on the other hand, can be used for many years for advertising and promotion.


Q: What are some of the other applications for the technology?

The Talking Housetechnology has a wide variety of potential uses. Without question, the best application for the technology is the real estate industry. The reason for this is the large number of real estate agents/brokers and homebuilders (800,000+) that can be targeted with direct marketing efforts to purchase the technology. The device offers a way for them to increase sales in their business.

According to the National Association of Realtors, there are more than 2.0 million existing or new homes listed for sale every month in the United States. Each of these homes is a potential location for a Talking Housetransmitter. In addition to the real estate industry, Broadcast Marketing LLC believes the technology will have tremendous appeal to many other locations and businesses including schools, churches, drive-thru restaurants, drive-thru banks, oil change shops, apartment buildings, and so on. The devices will allow almost any type of business to describe their services, pricing, product reviews and special promotions in a much more impactful manner. The number of possible locations and uses is only limited by the imagination.







• Range: 300 feet (vary with installation style and environmental factors)

• Frequency Choices: 530-1700AM

• Message Length: up to 5 minute

• Message Storage: Non-volatile computer chips

• Microphone: Built-in & Hand-held

• Dimensions: 8" x 14" x 2.5"

• Weight: 4 lbs.

• Power: 110v AC/12v DC

• Antenna: 3 meters

• Final input power: 100 MW average

• Frequency control: Crystal with synthesizer

• Mounting: Varies with installation type - External antenna available


Power Supply

• Input power requirements: 115v AC 60Hz 0.1 Amp

• Output voltage: 12v DC 0.2 Amp

Press contact: John Kobeck 914-918-5042







For most house hunters, the search for their dream home begins by taking a drive through the neighborhoods they like. According to a study by Real Estate Business magazine, more than 65 percent of home shoppers begin the home buying process in this manner.

When potential buyers see a sign reading "Talking House – Tune in your car radio for more information" to a designated AM frequency, they can instantly hear a summary of a home’s features and make an informed, on-the-spot decision to either schedule a tour or eliminate the home from consideration.

Not only is the Talking House Transmitter providing a much-needed convenience to homebuyers and sellers, but realty agents also appreciate the many benefits of listing a home that talks.

Realty agents have discovered that a Talking House allows them to work smarter by pre-qualifying prospects that may truly be in the market for a specific home, according to Mike Miller, president and owner of Talking House Company and transmitters.

"The Talking House concept is unmatched as a listing and selling tool," said Miller. "With the commission earned from listing a single home, an agent can pay for dozens of Talking House Transmitters, and each one of those will broadcast messages about their listings for years to come. Sellers are happy because their homes are more memorable, and sell much faster. House hunters like the fact that they can get the information they need in a very convenient manner."

Talking House has helped sell over a million homes across North America – often in half the time! This is music to a seller’s ears.

About the size of a small VCR and weighing only four pounds, the Talking House Transmitter is plugged into a standard wall outlet of a home for sale. The real estate agent can record a message of up to five minutes in length that is broadcast 24 hours a day to anyone who tunes in his or her radio to the designated AM frequency. A potential buyer simply stops in front of a home for sale, and tunes their radio to the frequency indicated on a yard sign, and they hear a description of the home. A Talking House Transmitter broadcasts up to 300 feet, thus reaching the far side of the street in 99 percent of all residences.

The Transmitters are approved by the FCC, and no special license or permission is required. The broadcast will not interfere with other radio stations or television transmissions.

The current model Transmitter incorporates state-of-the-art digital technology. Recently redesigned, today’s transmitter is the 8th generation of the product, and features the most significant upgrades and improvements in its history. Because messages are recorded on a computer chip, the broadcast is clear and static-free. Recording the message is as easy as recording the greeting on an answering machine. The person recording the message simply presses a switch and talks into a microphone. The message can be changed as often as desired, and once a home is sold, the Transmitter can be used at the next home the realty agent gets the listing for. There are no moving parts to break or wear out, and the product includes a one-year warranty.

Transmitters are a cost-effective marketing tool, costing less than the standard classified ad. Real Estate agents also are provided with yard signs that instruct buyers what frequency to tune in. As such, agents are finding they can afford to have one Transmitter per listing. Because the product can be used over and over, the cost per listing is less than a dollar a day.

NAR Adds Talking House to the REALTOR Benefits(sm) Program

The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® has selected Talking House® to be a partner in its REALTOR Benefits(sm) Program.

"We have entered into this partnership to bring value and a competitive advantage to our members," said Bob Goldberg, NAR Senior Vice President of Marketing & Business Development and head of the REALTOR Benefits(sm) Program. "NAR members can use the Talking House® Listings & Leads Program as a valuable tool to increase their effectiveness," Goldberg said.

"We are very excited to partner with the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® in offering the Talking House® Listings & Leads Program to NAR members," said Mike Miller, president of Talking House. "This unique product will provide REALTORS® with a comprehensive program they can use to obtain more listings and generate more leads."

Impact on the Real Estate Industry

Real estate firms such as Century 21 and RE/MAX are reaping the tremendous benefits of this innovative marketing tool, with some of their offices having hundreds of Transmitters in their listings. Agents are heralding the product as one of the most effective and innovative tools available.

"I recently put to test just how much the Talking House Transmitters were influencing buyers," said John Wayne, an agent with Century 21 Frank Frye in Newark, Ohio. "I took six listings, and used Transmitters with three of them. One of the homes with a Transmitter sold in 24 hours. The other two Talking Houses sold quickly with me serving as both the listing and selling agent. The three without the Talking House Transmitter took considerably longer to sell. The buyers who listened to the Talking Houses commented that the recording was a critical factor in their decision to pursue the home."

"The Talking House Transmitter also is the ideal solution to what buyers find most tedious about house hunting – having to make several phone calls to track down the information they need to make an informed decision," said Miller. "Shoppers tour neighborhoods collecting phone numbers from yard signs, and then have to take the added step of calling each of the listing agents. With a Talking House, the potential buyer is essentially pre-qualified before making that call – which saves both parties time and hassles, and makes for a win-win situation."

Additionally, a Talking House provides a window into a home that may not otherwise grab a buyer’s attention. Some buyers shopping Talking Houses find that the "right home" is actually one they may have ignored in the past.

Agents who incorporate Talking House in their marketing mix are also more likely to attract additional listings. With the Multiple Listing Service, every agent in the area can show and sell a home, making it challenging for a particular listing to be prominent. When an agent offers to put a home "on the air" with it literally "selling itself" 24 hours a day, a seller now has an obvious reason to list with that agent.

Talking House is a brand name for the radio transmitter provided specifically to the real estate industry. The technology is presented exclusively by Talking House, which is the only company to offer this product.

This new technology has numerous applications to transmit messages via the radio to drivers who are either parked in a lot or situated in front of homes or buildings, as well as patrons of any type of drive thru.

"While the core of our sales is currently to the real estate industry, we are experiencing a sharp rise in sales to several other areas," said Miller. "Schools, for example, are using the technology to convey last-minute information or unexpected changes to parents and children as they’re being picked up and dropped off. There are countless other applications to home builders, the automotive industry, restaurants, historic sites and churches, just to name a few."

The Talking House Program provides a full spectrum of services, including accompanying signage, professional message and production services, and marketing kits that can help promote the service to consumers.






 John Kobeck is



Westchester County --

According to recent research by the National Association of REALTORS®, 83% percent of home buyers say photos and detailed property descriptions are the most useful features when searching for homes online.2 John Kobeck of RE/MAX Prime Properties is taking advantage of this trend for Hisclients with His recent commitment to enhance all properties He markets with multiple photos and customized property descriptions on the #1 real estate site1,®. With changing real estate market conditions, John Kobeck is giving consumers what they want most online and providing another reason why home sellers and buyers must insist on using Him for the powerful marketing He provides..

Listings on® with six photos are viewed 299% more often, on average3 and rise to the top when searched by number of photos. And because John Kobeck enhances all of His clients’ properties on® with multiple photos and detailed property descriptions, these properties also receive this high-impact placement on other popular Web portals such as AOL® and MSN®, helping reach the largest audience of home buyers for His clients.

John Kobeck

understands that it is vital to reach the over 6.6 million consumers each month who, on average, spend 82% of the time they search for a home online on®1. With 77% of all home buyers using the Internet at some point in their search for homes1, John Kobeck is working to make sure His clients’ homes are promoted where more consumers are searching online.

Visit John Kobeck at or call 914-479-7084 or email johnkobeck@johnkobeck.comto see what He is doing to help homeowners in your community sell their homes for more.



Press Release

John Kobeck in the Westchester News !® Marketing System for Agents

 – Featured Homes™ Marketing System  


John Kobeck Top Selling Westchester agent  FEATURES HOMES ON FRONT PAGE OF #1 REAL ESTATE SITE, REALTOR.COM®1 IN THE Westchester NY AREA


Scarsdale New York --John Kobeck of RE/MAX features homes on the front page area of Westchester County on the Internet’s #1 real estate site1,®.


John Kobeck offers the® Featured Homes Marketing System, for his clients, so that when potential home buyers search for homes in Westchester NY, they will see John Kobeck's clients’ properties prominently displayed first with color photographs. This high value, premium placement can provide 500% more exposure, on average.This additional exposure is created to increase demand and help sell homes for more.


John Kobeck's clients’ properties will benefit from the more than 6.6 million individuals per month2who, on average, spend 82% of the time they searched for a home online on


In making the investment in the Featured Homes Marketing System, John Kobeck stated, “I want to ensure that both the properties I market enjoy optimum shelf positioning online. What makes me different from other agents is how I help differentiate my properties from the other homes they compete against. My Featured Homes property appears first not only on®, but also on AOL and MSN.”


Featured Homes is just one of the many ways John Kobeck is leveraging recent trends of home buyer online behavior to Hisclients benefit.  


Home sellers interested in finding out how to feature their home on®, AOL and MSN should contact John Kobeck 



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